AjrDual’s musical influences include but are not limited to The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, Big Pun, Jadakiss, Fabolous, Erykah Badu, André 3000, and the Wu-Tang Clan.

     Growing up the way AjrDual did, constantly moving to new places and meeting new people can often make it difficult for for an individual to open up. Thankfully, writing music was the way most people from his hometown expressed themselves.

     He learned to turn music into his outlet, his escape. Even now, as a grown man and father, he turns to this creative outlet to cope and often times escape life’s hardships. It’s through these trials and tribulations that AjrDual creates something beautiful, his music. He’s able to share some positivity in a hateful world as he continually finds it himself. It’s this creative process that is his favorite part. “I feel like when you’re being creative, you’ll find out more about yourself than you thought you knew before.”

     Although his music may not fit today’s version of what some would call “a vibe,” AjrDual’s music can be described as relaxed but also profound. AjrDual really makes his listeners ponder and reflect on their own lives when experiencing his music. AjrDual’s debut project, Lights EP, is a short and sweet intro into the music world, which pays tribute to his artistry and versatility.